About Me

Daniel Wachtel is becoming the go-to authority as a business consultant working with Harbour Capital Partners clients with their cycle of business change. Every business is in a process of changing; a transformation of sorts. We work with international companies with their business planning, investment planning, mergers and acquisitions, distressed situations, financial forecasting, and various aspects of business growth-the good and the bad, business development, and sales execution. I love working with businesses that need to get them ready for finding investors or work with management as we work towards their IPO. I work with businesses and executives to uncover where they want to go and then get them where they are intended to be.

I love battling for what is right and I seek the greatness inside my clients and their company. My motto for my clients is "Whatever it Takes" because we can succeed whatever it takes if you truly believe and work harder than anyone else. I don't just go through the pain and success with my clients, but I grow through that with them, as well. It is easy to settle for mediocrity, but you have to remember what your purpose was, you have to remember your dream, and work hard to dig that dream out of the pain of previous failures, but that pain will subside and we will clean that dream off together. We work through it all together.

Daniel began his career at Bear, Stearns and Oppenheimer & Co. in New York City as a financial analyst and wealth advisor. After graduation, he moved on to Wynston Hill and the GR&R Value Fund where he held dual roles as an investment banker associate and a junior portfolio manager where he returned 68.5% during the financial crisis. Daniel has also worked as an investment advisor at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley helping manage over $350 million in assets for clients. During this time period is where he continually outpaced the market and he created the special value investing policy. Mr. Wachtel taught his value investment philosophy for Investor's Business Daily lectures in Philadelphia.

Daniel is also a motivational speaker for companies, associations, executives, and universities concerning what he has had to battle through, his personal struggles of the pain of addictions, going through the pain of poverty, the pain of loss, the pain of regret, the pain of failure, the pain of being defeated, the pain of being told no time and time again, the pain of making mistakes, the pain of his fears, but he has never given up even after being rejected close to 800 times. It takes courage to take a chance on yourself, it takes courage to tell others what your ream is, the courage to be who you are, the courage to do what is right in your heart. He will show you how to overcome the obstacles to become a success. How to respond to the barriers and the difficulties moreover how to get back up and fight your way to success. To sincerely believe that you are the greatest and that you will be able to get to where you want to be. We are all great and it will have to take all of you to win. He is the embodiment of someone who will never give up no matter the predicament. If you are going to act on your dreams you will have to understand that the weakminded will not believe in you, but you also have to expect that everything will start going your way when you begin believing in yourself.

Daniel has aided, counseled, or assisted in the launch of many startups and works with public companies to get them investor ready. Daniel also advises businesses on their brand marketing, social media campaigns, investor relations, and strategic business introductions. Daniel received a Bachelors degree in Finance from William Paterson University's Cotsakos College of Business and has taken Executive MBA Classes at the Wharton School of Business.​

He was named "Emerging Business Leader” in 2015 & 2016 for South Jersey and Philadelphia, "SJ Biz 20 Under 40" for 2016, as well a 2016 Philanthropist Award for his help with the homeless. Mr. Wachtel is on the Board of Directors of multiple charity's. Mr. Wachtel is now writing a series of books called, "So You Wanna Be A...". He is currently trying to figure out the name of a company he would like to commence building. Daniel has been featured in a series of video blogs called, "Bull on the Street" and is starting a channel on YouTube about what it takes when you are becoming an entrepreneur.

Daniel has been quoted in The New York Times, US News and World Report, TheStreet.com, Investors Business Daily, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Inc, MSN Money, MSN, Yahoo, Pearl, AdvisorNews.com, Insurancenewnet.com, The New York Public Library System, INC., as well as numerous blogs and regional newspapers and news programs across the Nation.